Are Your Child’s Orthodontic Needs the Victim of One of the Most Expensive Marketing Campaigns in Dental History?

What passes for actual Orthodontics as it’s practiced today is nothing to smile about.

The actual Science of Orthodontics has been overshadowed by our cultural obsession with quick fixes.

True orthodontics is much more than merely straight teeth and a nice smile.
A fact that often surprises many people.

The difference is measurable and dramatic:
Too often, today’s popular solution is a cosmetic fix that may or may not mature properly.

(In fact, it’s a little known fact that the developers of today’s most popular “Orthodontic solution” had no orthodontic credentials or experience.)

The State of Orthodontics Today

What would you think of a doctor who, after only doing a brief rudimentary exam and a simple X-ray, advised you on proceeding with a time-consuming and expensive plan based on a hunch the doctor had?

Or a judge who had your sentence predetermined before your case was ever reviewed or you set a foot into the courtroom?

Or a weight management professional who had your exact regimen without ever finding out your goal, or your current weight and food intolerances?

This is the state of most Orthodontics as it’s practiced today.

What if you had access to the most highly trained Orthodontists who didn’t subscribe to this short-term fix that ignores the long-term outcomes?


What if you could get orthodontics that gave a truly comprehensive approach that got your personal diagnosis right the first time, yielding truly reliable results, helping prevent jaw-joint disorders and excessive wear, helping avert future gum disease… even helping to eliminate sleep apnea and snoring?

This method also puts an end to unnecessary re-dos later in life—all while giving every patient that more attractive facial appearance and smile they so dearly deserve.

And all for about the same cost.

The LifeLong Orthodontics Method

Your Healthy Smile, Right the First Time