How Are We Different

Smart Phone or Flip Phone: The Lifelong Orthodontics Difference

It is like the difference between a flip phone and a smart phone.

The flip phone will make a call. It does one thing. And that is fine if that is all you want from your phone.

But who wants to just make a call these days when you can have so much more?

The flip phone is the current state of most orthodontic treatment today. It produces one thing: straight teeth.

A smart phone does so much more and it has all those other benefits that you enjoy: a camera, email, texting, calendar, flashlight, web browser and more.

Lifelong Orthodontics is the smart phone of orthodontics - because it gives so much more than just straight teeth.

These additional benefits are mostly unknown or misunderstood by many people- or they mistakenly think that all orthodontics provides them.

No, they don’t.


The Lifelong Benefits Beyond Straight Teeth and Why You Should Want Them

  • 1. Guided growth and development of the jaws. This simplifies treatment as we work with Mother Nature to get the results you want.
  • 2. Guided growth of the face to achieve symmetry and balance that is the basis of beautiful faces.
  • 3. Reduce or eliminate snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • 4. Comfort of the muscles of the face, jaw and neck.
  • 5. A strong and stable bite that enhances chewing, tooth positioning and decreased wear so teeth can last a lifetime.
  • 6. Proper positioning of the teeth to deflect food and debris away from the teeth and gums enhancing gum health, preventing decay and preventing food traps.
  • 7. Aligning the tooth roots to withstand the stresses of chewing without breaking, cracking or wearing out prematurely.
  • 8. Proper positioning of the teeth so the right amount of gum shows so your child’s smile looks its best.
  • 9. The right overlap of the front teeth so the jaws can be guided properly during chewing.
  • 10. Reduced or eliminated bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth) that causes pain in muscles, headaches, degenerates the jaw joint and destroys teeth.

These prevent so many troubles that simple “alignment orthodontics “ does not.

This is orthodontics as healthcare.

This is true orthodontics that helps you and your child for a lifetime of health.

How to Be Sure You Get What You Thought You Were Paying For

It starts with diagnosis. A complete diagnosis takes time and a number of assessments as well as x-rays that tell the complete story of what is really going on.

One key assessment is the recording of the child’s bite when the lower jaw is correctly aligned.

Uncoordinated tooth position and jaw joint position can be a major problem not just for the orthodontic treatment but also your child’s oral health for life.

Ordinary orthodontics does not record this, but those using the Lifelong Orthodontics Method do.

It takes a study of these assembled records and the use of additional instruments to analyze the bite, breathing airway, jaw joint health and growth patterns.

This takes time and an expertly trained mind to assess and create a plan of care that gets predictable results.

Building a smart phone is a lot more complicated than building a flip phone.

It is highly unlikely that any orthodontist can simply give a cursory exam, make a few records and give a complete diagnosis and plan for care at the first appointment -unless you are getting the flip phone version of orthodontics.

Sure, it is simpler.

But is that what you want for your child when you can have the smart phone version?

Why risk missing out on all these other Lifelong benefits?

Why risk having your child take months longer than planned or never get the result you want?

Why risk having problems 5-10 years down the road that could have been avoided?

Get the smart phone.

Lifelong Orthodontics.